About Me

Hi! My name is Jessica, your Soil Microbiology enthusiast gone Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and soon to be Biology Ph.D. student!

Eco Nut Therapy is the blog I have created where I get to share awesome ways to help you on your journey to to health and improving the world around you!

The name is short for “Ecological Nutritional Therapy”, a concept I have developed from my educational studies. Having a background in Living Systems, Ecological Farming, and Nutritional Therapy has opened my eyes to the many layers of life - from the microscopic to the ecosystems of the Earth, to our very own human bodies.

It is all connected and influenced by each other. And my direct work is with using this knowledge to support the many foundations that govern the health of ourselves and the planet.

This is my passion, guiding you to discover your own version of abundant health while creating a thriving Earth to enjoy it on!